Unemployment still at record low

By Wayne Gates – 

The unemployment rate remains at a record low in Brown County,
In February, the 5.8 percent rate is the lowest recorded in the county all the way back to at least 1970, according to information provided online by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.
County specific data prior to 1970 is not available online, meaning that the February unemployment rate in Brown County could be the lowest in over 50 years.
The jobless rate in Brown County in January was 6.4 percent, and fell to 5.8 percent in February. The rate is traditionally higher during the winter months as many jobs that require workers to be outdoors shut down during cold weather.
The unemployment rate also fell in neighboring counties, with the biggest drop coming in Adams County, where it fell 1.4 percent to 7.8 percent in February.
Highland County saw a decrease of .5 percent to 6.1 percent, while Clinton and Clermont counties both saw a .3 percent decrease to 5.5 and 4.2 percent respectively.
The Cincinnati area saw a decline to 4.1 percent in February from 4.3 percent in January. The counties that make up the region are Hamilton, Bulter, Warren, Clermont and Brown counties.
Statewide, the unemployment rate declined to 4.8 percent in February from 5.1 percent in January.
83 or 88 counties in Ohio saw a drop in the jobless rate. It increased in four counties and remained the same in one more.
The highest unemployment rate in the state was once again in Monroe County at 10.4 percent. The next four highest, in order were Meigs County at 8.8 percent, Noble County at 8.4 percent, Morgan County at 8.2 percent and Ottawa County at 8.1 percent.
Adams County had the sixth highest unemployment rate in the state at 7.8 percent.
The lowest jobless rate in the state was once again in Mercer County at 2.9 percent. Delaware County had the second lowest at 3.2 percent and Auglaize, Hancock and Holmes counties were tied for third lowest at 3.3 percent.
Brown County had the 30th highest unemployment rate in the state and Clermont County 24th lowest at 4.2 percent.