Crum found incompetent for trial

By Wayne Gates – 

John Crum has been found incompetent to stand trial in connection with the death of 62 year old Marsha Thigpen in August of last year.
Crum was charged with charged Thigpen’s murder last September.
At an April 6 hearing, Brown County Common Pleas Judge Scott Gusweiler found that Crum was incompetent to stand trial and would not be restored to competency in the time allowed by law.
Brown County Prosecuting Attorney Zac Corbin then asked Gusweiler for a second evaluation of Crum, which Gusweiler granted.
The second evaluation will take place within 30 days at the Brown County Jail.
Corbin said that the issue of competency is different than that of insanity in a defendant.
Thigpen’s body was found Aug. 9 on Ripley Hill Road in Ripley.  Her cause of death is listed as a gunshot wound to the head.
Crum was later arrested in Adams County and charged with murder.  He is due back in court on May 7 for a hearing following the second competency evaluation.