Man charged in dog death

A Ripley man is facing animal cruelty charges after a dog was found dead and frozen solid at his home.
Adam Lindsey is facing Prohibition Concerning Companion Animals and Cruelty to Animals charges. Both are second degree misdemeanors with maximum sentences of 90 days in jail and a $750 fine.
“People who choose to have companion animals have to provide that animal sufficient care, including water, food and shelter,” said Brown County Assistant Prosecutor Nick Owens.
“This was a preventable death. The dog should not have frozen to death in extreme temperatures. We will file charges against people for animal cruelty and neglect if they choose not to be responsible pet owners.”
The dog was discovered by Brown County Deputy Dog Warden Barb Ashmore after a call from a concerned neighbor.
Ashmore said she found an underweight female dog frozen solid and chained in the side yard of the home. The dog had no food or water and the plastic dog shelter that contained no straw or bedding.
“Based off the weather reports, it was just too cold to be out there. She didn’t have any physical obvious injuries or anything like that,” Ashmore said.
“You could see her ribs and spine. That’s a condition that doesn’t happen overnight and it definitely contributed to her death.”
Ashmore said that she was very disturbed by the scene.
“The dog appeared to be trying to stay warm. I’ve seen a lot of stuff in the last three years as a Deputy Dog Warden and that was one of those things that just resonates with you. She was so pitiful laying there. It broke my heart.”
Ashmore said the dog’s death could have been easily prevented.
“If you are going to keep your dog outside make sure you provide a sturdy dog house with fresh dry straw inside. The straw should be changed out regularly. Frequent meals and fresh unfrozen water are crucial,” Ashmore said.
“Be observant, if your dog looks uncomfortable and is shivering, be a responsible compassionate dog owner and bring the dog inside until the weather warms up.”
Ashmore added that help is available from the Brown County Humane Society.
“We offer free straw and we have some dog houses if people need help. We are always trying to help people. If you have a current dog license and you’ve hit hard times and you can’t buy doig food, we are more than happy to help you with that.”
The Brown County Humane Society can be reached at (937) 378-3457.