Aberdeen council seats new member

By Martha Jacob – 

Aberdeen Village Council met in regular session, Thursday, Sept. 7.
Aberdeen Mayor Jason Phillips stated that he had received a text from council members Rajenna and Tony Combess at 2:45 a.m. Thursday morning, that the two would not be at the meeting. Neither council members attended the meeting.
Since council’s last meeting in  August, the mayor swore in a new council member Danielle Alles, replacing Charles Merrill who stepped down as councilman. Alles will complete his term which ends this year in December.
The staff changes then continued.
“I wanted to inform everyone here that after our fiscal officer Karen Campell resigned,” Mayor Phillips said, “I’ve hired Mary Woollard as our village’s part-time fiscal officer. She works full-time as fiscal officer for the Village of Ripley and she is very skilled at what she does.
“I feel like she’s a perfect fit for the job, although Karen will certainly be missed.”
Council wanted to pass an ordinance regarding the new part-time fiscal officers pay, but was unable to do so with only four council members at the meeting.  Woollard asked to be paid once a month. The issue will be addressed again at next months meeting or a special meeting will be called.
Finance committee chair, Councilwoman Billie Eitel updated council on the recent committee meeting.
“We mainly presented some information on the Stivers sewer line and possibly apply for a grant and/or possible loan,” Eitel said. “We went over our sewer ordinance and an update on the old school building being torn down.
“We’re running into difficulties on the old school because it’s in the flood zone. I sent an assessment to Curtis Strictland with RCAP about a possible grant. I told him we’re going to be up-a-creek if we can’t rebuild in a flood-plain.
“I tried to explain that the property is in different parcels and lots but didn’t get very far. Another issue is, even if we can get it torn down, then it has to be Green Space, so if we wanted to use part of it for a parking lot, we can’t black-top it, we can only gravel it.”
Eitel went on to say it didn’t make much sense, since if it is in a flood plain, it would take out the gravel.
Councilwoman Shari Stafford said that she has also been working with village administrator Delbert Hester regarding obtaining grant money to fix damage done during a recent storm, which could cost over $50,000 in repairs.
“These are things that have to be fixed, things like  culverts and drains,” Stafford said. “Delbert has already fixed some drains. There is possibly some money for that, I guess the entire Brown County had to submit to the state and it’s well over a million dollars.”
Stafford said that whether or not the village gets some of the money from the county, the money will have to be spent on repairs. She said that the village could possibly qualify for a 0% loan.
Eitel said she was hoping to pass a resolution at the meeting to approve applying for the 0% loan but because council couldn’t suspend the rules (with only 4 council members present) and council couldn’t pass a resolution.