Movie to be made in Brown County

By Wayne Gates – 

Hollywood is coming to Brown County.
A full length motion picture will begin shooting locally soon about the life of Chance Smith, who died in 2012.
The working title of the film is Chance. It is a coming-of-age story that follows the life of Smith from ages six to sixteen, featuring his journey through life and youth baseball, where he was known as a star.
Smith played Flash Baseball, which is operated by the family of Michael and Pamela Daly in Hamersville.
The Daly’s have created the project, with Michael and son Seth writing the screenplay and Michael and Pamela serving as Executive Producers.
Pamela is also playing a role in the movie.
In a project description for the movie released by Daly, the synopsis reads “The Chance movie is a true story that follows the journey of a sensitive jovial country youth baseball star from age six to sixteen as he struggles to find happiness and success guided by special relationship with his baseball coach, who ultimately can’t protect him from the forces that take his life.”
The movie also explores the emotional impact of texting and first love on teenagers.
The three main teenage stars of the movie are all working in the entertainment industry and have extensive experience.
Blake Cooper will play Chance Smith. Cooper will be starring in the upcoming feature “The Measure of a Man” opposite Donald Sutherland. He also played in “The Maze Runner” from 2014.
The role of Colton, a romantic rival of Chance, will be played by Tanner Buchanan who has recently starred as the President’s son Leo on “Designated Survivor” on ABC.
The role of love interest Brooke will be played by Amanda Leighton, who starred in “This Is Us”, “The Fosters” and as the voice of Blossom in “The Powderpuff Girls.”
The role of the baseball coach is also expected to be played by a well known actor.
Pamela Daly will play the mother of Colton.
Hollywood veterans John Crye and Mike Hagerty will produce the film. Crye will also direct.
Production on the movie is scheduled to begin in June at several locations in Brown and Clermont counties, including extensive filming at the Flash Baseball Complex.
“We believe that it’s the first high level feature film to be shot in Brown County. It’s the story of a young man who played baseball at our Flash complex for ten years,” said Michael Daly.
“We will feature three ages in the movie. Six years old with t-ball and fun stuff, twelve years old with the best baseball you’ve ever seen from boys that age and then the sixteen year old drama of some of the pressures at that age.”
Daly said that Smith played 600 games at the Flash complex and that he was a great kid to know.
“Chance wore his heart on his vest and was a beautiful guy. He felt his pain and everyone else’s. He had the highest highs and the lowest lows,” Daly said.
“When he hit teenage life, those pressures started to come in whenever he was off the baseball field. The second half of the movie explores what it was like to be a teenager in 2012.”
Pamela Daly added that the movie is about more than baseball and teenage life.
“It’s also the story of a young man and his coach. That’s the love story,” she said.
Michael Daly said that he hopes that the movie can be easily seen and found by everyone.
“We are looking at festivals. We haven’t ruled out theatrical releases. We are also looking at streaming and video on demand. All of those options are being discussed with our director and producers,” he said.
Pamela Daly said that there is still room for local stars to shine as well.
“Right now we are taking applications for extras and featured extras. People can send us a picture and resume if they have it, along with their age and name. We are looking for all kinds of local people. We want to decorate our scenes with all ages of people from babies on up.”
Michael Daly said that they hope to find some ethnic diversity for the movie as well as teenagers with unique looks.
They are also looking for unusual pets for possible cameos.
Michael Daly also said he would like to find a fairly skilled left handed six year old baseball player.
The Daly’s are also asking for volunteer help from the community to help make the project a success.
The needs include:
• Late model RVs (motor home, travel trailer or 5th wheel) for local use only.
• Two15 passenger vans
• An older model van (white preferred)
• Furnished short term housing for crew members (Memorial Day Weekend through 4th of July)
• Home furnishings and housewares for unfurnished housing.
• Box trucks
• Breakfast and lunch catering.
• Volunteer drivers.
• Product placement companies – These are companies that want their product seen in the movie. They will get special credits and thanks in the end credits, plus an invitation to a local private premier screening.
Anyone wishing to volunteer as an extra or with any other assistance is asked to contact the Daly’s via email at “Chance The Movie” is also up as a Facebook page.