Sardinia street levy to be on Nov. 7 ballot again

By Martha Jacob – 

The Village of Sardinia Council members plan on placing another continuing 4.8 mills general construction, reconstruction resurfacing and street repair, roads and bridges levy back on the ballot in November.
The 4.8 mills street levy was on the Nov. 8, 2016 ballot but failed. The levy was put back on the November, 2017 ballot in hopes that the community will see the dire need for the levy to pass this time. In 2016 the levy would have generated approximately $43,000 a year. Since that time the village has annexed two other areas to the village which could generate a total of almost $50,000 a year to be used towards street improvement.
“Tim Mock (Village Administrator) and I have been working closely with Brown County Economic Development Director Kelly Cole regarding grant money that could help us with the high costs of street repairs,” Mayor Cassidy said. “There is currently a half a million dollar grant available according to Kelly and there is a high likelihood that our village could get the grant.
“It is more important than ever that we get this levy passed, because this grant we’re looking at is for matching funds. That means our village would have to come up with a little over $100,000, and we would be silly not to go after this grant. And the levy would generate the funds we need.”
Cassidy said that the village is in the initial stages of getting the grant, but he plans on pushing through to have everything in place in hopes that the levy passes in November.
“Just to give you all some idea on just how far this money will go,” Cassidy said, “We’re getting ready to do some work on the south side of College Street to get curb and gutter to drains and replace sidewalks and that is $54,000 just to do that little bit of the street. That will only include a little bit of paving.
“In 2012 we did the work on South Main Street and that ended up costing $400,000 from the four-way stop to the library. So even though a half a million dollars sounds like a lot, it won’t do the entire village.”
Cassidy went on to say that he is continuing to look into additional grants that might be available through the engineer’s office. He stressed that if the village could get these grants on a regular basis, it would only be a matter of time before they could catch up with the demand. He said that getting the streets worked on and the village cleaned up would go a long way towards getting more businesses and residents into the village and help it grow.
“I feel very hopeful that we can make this happen,” Mayor Cassidy said. “These grants just seem to take forever, but Kelly Cole is working extremely hard for our village to get this grant which should come through in 2019. Then we would have two years to generate the matching funds to get the work started, after the levy passes.”