Queen City Fabrication mixing metal with art


By Martha Jacob

Queen City Fabrication has been at its current location, 17414 US 68, near Five Mile for about three years and is truly a family owned business.

Friends since they were 16 years old, almost 20 years ago, Eddie Carlton and Josh Highley are the co-owners of Queen City Fabrication. They have remained friends these many years and the two actually married sisters. Eddie’s wife is Sarah and Josh’s wife is Christen and both couples have two daughters. Up until about six months ago the families lived on the same street.

To say their business is family owned is an understatement.

“We started out in Batavia for a couple years and moved to this location 3 years ago,” Highley said. “Both Eddie and I knew we wanted to make a go of this business, wanted to work for ourselves, and make whatever we wanted to make. We both love working with metal and fabrication.”

Carlton said they are able to make any customized product that someone needs. He said that both he and Highley have always been involved with cars in some way or another, and like being able to make their own parts.

“We are able to make any bracket or tabs, chassis part, panels, you name it,” Highley said. “”We can make almost any kind of sign including metal art and company signage.

“We can make custom furniture and all kinds of decor, from small to large. As of yet we haven’t found anything we can’t make.

“Sometimes we’ll use a little plexiglass or wood to compliment and accent a sign, but its all metal.”

Highley and Carlson also make a lot of customized parts for cars, trucks and bikes. Often the two create their own parts for customers.

Queen City Fabrication ships its products all over the world, but also sells most of their products locally, especially auto brackets.

Queen City Fabrication is on facebook at Queen City Fab where most of their products can be seen.

“We currently sell a lot of our products on Etsy, Amazon and ebay,” Highley added. “Social media has worked well for our business.

“We want people to know that we are a small, family owned business, and we know we can help anyone with any fabrication job they need. We offer a full line of really unique gifts.”

Visit the shop on facebook or call (937) 444-5125 or email queencityfab@gmail.com for an estimate.