Chatfield holds annual Nun Run


The annual Chatfield College Nun Run was the most successful ever.

126 people registered to participate, which is the highest number since the race began. 105 walkers and runners finished the 5K race.

“I think the race went pretty well this year. We had a great turnout and the rain held off for the race. It started to rain just as it ended, so we lucked out on that,” said 2018 Race Director Taylor Wilson.

“It was a lot of fun working on it and getting people together. It was cool to see all of the people who showed up and enjoyed it.”

Chatfield Vice President of Enrollment John Penrose said that the race began in 2012 as a community outreach effort.

“The idea grew out of an idea to increase and diversify the attendance at our annual spring quilt show. We wanted to bring more people out to the St. Martin campus,” Penrose said.

“We were also looking for an event that would educate the public about Chatfield College and the history behind it.”

Penrose said the race was later moved to mid-summer because it became difficult to manage the logistics with the race on the same day as the quilt show.

Penrose said that attendance at the race has grown steadily over the years.

“The first year, we had about 30 runners. The weather was terrible. The second year, we got up to about 50. Now more than double that number are attending,” he said.

Penrose said that highlighting the history of the St. Martin campus has always been a focus of the event.

“We decided two years ago to name it the ‘Nun Run’ because we wanted to incorporate the idea of the history and ideals of the college into the day. It was a way to put the focus on what the Ursulines have done for Chatfield and Brown County.”

Penrose said that Chatfield Vice President of Mission and Identity Sr. Patricia Homan spoke about the history of the campus while places for those who the race were determined.

The race also has other benefits to Chatfield, according to Penrose.

“I remember in the second year of the race, a family from Brown County came up to me and told me that they had driven by the area hundreds of times and had never been back to the campus. Having the 5K brought them there and one of the kids in that family is now interested in coming to Chatfield,” he said.

“It gives the general public a look at how things are really like at Chatfield. There’s a lot more going on here than a lot of people think.”

The male overall winner was Tanner Creager who finished in 18:32 and the overall female winner was Leah Mysock who finished in 20:49.

The top finishers by gender and age group were:

Female 1-13 (1) Ella Malafa in 25:03, (2) Kenna Stratton in 33:26

Male 1-13 (1) Keaton Smith in 33:26

Female 14-19 (1) Sophia Leto in 21:17, (2) Alexandria Hughes in 29:17

Male 14-19 (1) Tyler Holland in 18:39, (2) Shaun Loftin in 20:44, (3) Anthony Carrington in 22:10

Female 20-29 (1) Marshall Madigan in 22:08, (2) Abby Baker in 32:28, (3) Samantha Stratton in 33:27.

Male 20-29 (1) Andrew Wahlstrom in 22:28

Female 30-39 (1) Ellen Bates in 27:35, (2) Jessica Beachy in 27:55, (3) Erica Leppert in 31:39

Male 30-39 (1) Adam Mysock in 21:34

Female 40-49 (1) Vicki Carrington in 29:21, (2) Sherri Kennedy in 29:55, (3) Cynthia Adkins in 33:22

Male 40-49 (1) Mark Loftin in 21:59, (2) Brad Sackrider in 24:45

Female 50-59 (1) Tracy Gibbons in 32:57, 92) Melvie Harker in 34:47, (3) Leslie Jordan in 34:49

Male 50-59 (1) Bob Lodwich in 28:03, (2) Tim Shoemaker in 29:40, (3) Mark McKenzie in 31:15

Female 60-69 (1) Cathie Hamann in 29:42

Male 60-69 (1) Ralph Jennings in 26:25, Gregory Nuesse in 28:25.