4H 2017 join-up deadline is April 1

Danny Bubp, Brown County Probate/Juvenile Court Judge and Christy Clary, Brown County 4H Educator and County Extension Director have joined forces in their efforts to encourage more young people to join in a 4H program.
“I believe that too many times when a kid comes up in front of me in court, it’s because of their involvement in drugs,” Judge Bubp said. “Young people  are going to get involved in things, whether it be drugs or a program like 4H. But rest assured, they are going to be involved in something.
“I’ve been traveling around talking to the schools, one by one, about the dangers of drugs and how they can ruin their lives.
Bubp said that he attended the kick-off for all the 4H programs in Brown County recently and said he was impressed with the fact that there are over 200 available programs that kids can be part of.
“There is something for everyone in 4H,” he said. “From all kinds of shooting sports, to cooking, fishing, everything. There are also great computer programs available through 4H now, and let’s face it, that’s the future.
“April 1 is the deadline to pick a 4H Club in Brown County and become part of one of these great programs.”
Clary commented that anyone can join a 4H Club anytime, but in order to participate in all the elements, including showing at the fair, they must be enrolled by April 1.
“The Brown County 4H program currently has over 700 active members who are part of 33 community clubs throughout the county,” Clary said. “Some of the more popular projects include photography, small engines, natural resource projects such as rockets, creative writing and shooting sports such as archery.”
Judge Bubp said he thinks too many kids think of 4H as just taking an animal to the fair.
“It is that of course if that’s what they want to do,” Bubp said, “that’s wonderful, it teaches them good values, they learn that something else is dependent on them to live.
“So many kids today aren’t farm oriented so that’s just not for them so they don’t think 4H is for them.”
Bubp went on to talk about so many of the kids that come before him in juvenile court come from homes with no fathers in the home or they’re being raised by grandparents or they’re in foster homes.
“At least half the kids that get in trouble and have to come in front of me don’t have dads living at home,” Bubp said. “These kids need guidance and that’s why I’m such an advocate of 4H, as well as sports, band and other things available in schools.”
Clary said she would like for all kids to visit www.ohio4h.org to learn more about all the available projects offered by 4H. Clary can be reached at (937) 378-6716. The office is located at 325 W. State Street, Building B, in Georgetown.