Dunkin Donuts store coming to Mt. Orab

Coffee, doughnuts and ice cream will soon be on the menu in Mt. Orab.

Local business owner Tim O’Hara will open a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins store on Glover Drive near LaRosa’s Pizza on October 26.

O’Hara said that he saw a need for a drive through breakfast and doughnut store, so he made the commitment.

“I think they (Dunkin Brands) are number one now for franchising.  They are just growing by leaps and bounds and everybody loves Dunkin Donuts coffee,” O’Hara said.

“Since I’m a veteran, they are giving me a huge discount on the franchise fees, so Dunkin Brands is looking out for veterans.”

When asked about putting two stores in one building, O’Hara said, “You have to have a certain amount of square feet to put in a Dunkin Donuts and if you can just add a few more square feet you can have Baskin Robbins Ice Cream too, so it just makes sense.”

O’Hara said that a lot of people are looking forward to their first doughnut or ice cream cone next month.

“Everybody seems excited about it.  We are looking forward to getting things going,” O’Hara said.

For those interested in working for the stores, a banner in front of the building and signs on the windows of the new store both say “now hiring.”