Dino Bradley donates Gold Album to Village of Mt. Orab

The Mt. Orab Amphitheater will now be the home of guitarist Dino Bradley’s Warner Bros. Gold Album earned for his work on the Hank Williams, Jr. Greatest Hits III album that sold more than 500,000 copies.

After putting together an enjoyable performance with Big Easy and the Gators at Summerfest 2016, Bradley joined with Mt. Orab Mayor Bruce Lunsford, Ohio State Representative Doug Green, and his brother Leon Bradley on the main stage to donate the Gold Album which will be located on the stage of the Amphitheater in Mt. Orab Park.

Bradley wanted nothing more than his Gold Record to be located in his hometown of Mt. Orab to be enjoyed by the community.

“I was blessed to get this (Gold) Album along with others but you don’t take this stuff with you, you share it,” said Bradley as he donated the Gold Record during Summerfest on Aug. 6. “I want to thank everybody for being here.”

“This album, when it leaves my hands, goes to the community…the grand Village of Mt. Orab, Ohio where I was born,” said Bradley.

Bradley’s grandparents raised 14 children in Mt. Orab, and many of his family members remain as residents of Mt. Orab and the surrounding area.

During his career as a musician, Bradley has been the recipient of five Gold Albums and two Platinum Albums.

“When I talked to Dino about this presentation and what he really wanted to happen with this Gold Album he said, ‘I want you do put it someplace where young kids who grow up in the area can see that, if they work hard and have a little luck, they can actually succeed in the music business,’” said Lunsford. “He suggested maybe we put it in the Village Hall, but I’ve got a better place than that. On the rear wall (of the stage) to my right is a plaque that recognizes everybody who donated and helped make this Amphitheater happen, and there’s a space on the other side of the wall back there, and that’s where the Gold Album is going so that all of the people who grow up here and come here to play can look at that and have inspiration.”