SHCTC Adult Education Program is changing lives

By Wayne Gates – 

Adults without a high school diploma now have another option to continue their education.
The Southern Hills Career and Technology Center is offering a high school credential as part of completion of an adult education program.
The four programs are Welding, EMT Basic, Firefighter I and State Tested Nursing Assistant.
Those who qualify for the program pay nothing for the high school credential, as it comes as part of the overall training program.
Eligibility rules include being 22 years of age or older, be an Ohio resident, be without a high school diploma or GED and a combined score of 13 or higher on the WorkKeys assessments.
Participants must also finish the program by obtaining the industry credential associated with their particular Post-Secondary program.
“A high school diploma in today’s economy is just not enough for most people to get a well-paying job,” said SHCTC Superintendent Kevin Kratzer.
“Equally as important, we are giving students a job ready credential in thier chosen field of study.”
Kratzer said that two men recently graduated from the welding program which changed their lives for the better.
“When these two men started with us, they had no credential and no high school diploma.  Within about four or five months time, they had both,” he said.
“They did the work, but we in the school district are proud to have played a small part in changing their lives. It’s very rewarding to be able to do that for students.”
Kratzer said that not having a high school credential is a huge stumbling block to employment.
“From my interaction with employers in our community, the lack of a high school diploma is a dead stop in the hiring process,” he said.
“Many places will not give you an interview or entertain your application without that diploma. And many times, that’s not enough. You are going to need some kind of credential as well. Without it, you are probably not going to get in the door to talk to someone that makes the decisions.”
Anyone interested in the high school credential or the adult education program at SHCTC can call the call the Post-Secondary office at 937.378.6131 ext. 401.