Perry Twp. Trustees candidates speak

By Martha Jacob – 

Perry Township is located in the upper part of Brown County and takes in  all of the Fayetteville area including Lake Lorelei.  The township currently has  2 open seats for trustees with 4 candidates hoping to fill those seats.
Candidates include David L. Brinkman, David E. Holden, Jimmy Johnson and L. Jeff Wiederhold.
Each candidate was asked to describe, in their own words, why they feel they would be the best and most qualified to do the job as Perry Township Trustee. The following information was provided by the candidates.
• Jimmy Johnson has lived in Perry Township for 54 years, or basically all his life. He retired from the Fayetteville Perry School system in 2012 with 30 years of employment in maintenance, custodial work and driving bus routes.
“I coached pretty successfully several sports in those 30 years,” Johnson said. “As a resident of Perry Township and working in the district, I feel I still have the energy necessary to work for the residents of this township and listen to the needs of all individuals.
“I served 12 years on Lake Lorelei board of trustees and I am currently serving in that position. I was president of the board for three years and now serve as vice president.”
Johnson said that while he lives at Lake Lorelei he hopes to serve the entire township. He feels that the knowledge he has obtained through his vocational education, his education at Chatfield College and his ITT Technical College have helped him in  his ability to broaden his perspective of his community.
“I am retired and I now have all the time it takes to work with fellow trustees along with other organizations in Perry Township,” Johnson said. “My goal is to work with all elected officials together and communicate. We must also listen to all concerns and work together and communicate with county and state officials.”
Johnson said that Fayetteville-Perry School District is one of the best in the county and it is his hope that the division that was created during the levy a couple years ago, can be worked out and overcome so that the community can work together and find a solution.
“All the candidates running for trustee are good citizens,” Johnson said, “but I feel I now have the time it will take to make Perry Township better. We need to communicate and listen and work together.
“I promise that I can and will give the work needed for the overall betterment of all of Perry Township and I will make a difference.”
• David L. Brinkman has joined the race for Perry Township Trustee and is the owner of a construction company and has been for over 30 years. He feels he has the expertise needed to maintain the township roads, buildings and equipment.
“I have the knowledge to budget our township funds to produce the best results,” Brinkman said. “I have been a trustee for 32 years and during that time our township has received grants to widen, ditch and pave eight different roads. Our township now has a maintenance building as well as a community building.”
Brinkman said he will continue to provide as much time as is needed to Perry Township.
“We need to make sure Perry Township has the best fire and emergency medical services possible,” he said, “We need to continue to improve our roads which includes adding more road safety signs. At this time we are currently seeking a grant to do so.
“I also feel that we need to continue our township clean-up and tire disposal days.”
Brinkman added that he believes that the experience and knowledge he has gained regarding the township along with his business background allows him to operate the township in a fiscal, responsible way.
“I would like the opportunity to continue to make our township a good, safe community all that live here,” Brinkman said. “I have a great desire to improve this township and serve its residents.”
• David E. Holden is a lifelong resident of Perry Township and is hoping to fill one of the two open seats as a trustee.
“I am a self-employed farmer and I feel I bring a history of hard work and dedication to the table as trustee,” Holden said. “I have the knowledge needed in dealing with finances and maintaining balanced budgets.
“I also have 35 years of experience in construction, heavy equipment and road repairs and as a small business owner. I am in the position to dedicate my time as trustee on a full time basis.”
Holden says his priorities for being a  trustee would be keeping Perry Township moving forward in today’s technology and making sure that the township continues to apply for and access all funds that are available through grants, etc.
“I personally feel I would treat each and every resident equally,” Holden said. “I will always be open to all opinions and want to work with everyone in the community. I also believe I will bring a fresh approach to our township.
“I have the dedication needed for this seat, I bring honesty and a sincere desire to work together for the best use of our tax dollars.”
• Jeff Wiederhold is currently serving as a Perry Township Trustee where he has served for four years.
“I believe that I bring organizational skills and people skills to the position of trustee,” Wiederhold said. “In my youth, I helped my father and brothers work on a 50+ acre farm which helped develop my character and work ethic. I have worked with all types of people and have always tried to treat everyone as equals, evaluating all the information available to me before making a decision on an issue.
“I also bring to the table a background working four years at the Clermont County Engineer’s office as a township level for Jackson Township.”
Since Wiederhold’s retirement as an adjunct professor at Chatfield College and Southern State Community College he ways he has all the time he needs to devote to the job of trustee.
“There are several issues that I feel are priorities for this office,” he said, “They include managing the township finances and making sure that our money is spent wisely. That ensures that we will have funds available to maintain and upgrades so our buses, emergency vehicles, farmers and normal travel can flow safely through the roads of Perry Township. Listening to the people of the township and serving their needs to the best of my ability will always be a priority.”
Wiederhold said that he can assure all the voters in Perry Township that he will always do what is best for the township. He feels he has worked well with other Brown County officials and other local township trustees.
“I have learned so much about being a good trustee this last term,” Wiederhold said, “I can see how important problem solving and the infrastructure issues are that need attention for our township.
“I am asking our voters to cast their vote for me because I will continue to work hard for them. This is my township, my community and I want to see it well cared for just like every other resident and that it operates at the highest possible level.”