WB complies with state rules regarding truancy

By Martha Jacob – 

On Sept. 18, members of the Western Brown Board of Education met in regular session and promptly approved the August 21 meeting, the financials and investments according to the Sept. 18 unapproved minutes.
The board then recognized new teachers to the district. Each of the principals, including Heather Cooper, high school, Mindy Pride Hamersville Elementary and Middle School, Sabrina Armstrong, Mt. Orab Middle School and Marty Paeltz, Mt. Orab Elementary, introduced those new teachers in attendance.
In addition, the Special Education Department, in a coordinated effort with the preschool program provided the board with an informational update.
Superintendent Reagan White also updated the board on recent and pending legislation and congratulated Richey Pride, board member, who received the ‘Al Kettlewell Award’ from the Ohio School Boards Association. The award is given for outstanding boardsmanship and will be presented at the October 12 meeting of the Southwest District of the OSBA.
Superintendent White talked briefly to the board regarding Ohio House Bill #410 which is basically to keep students in the classroom.
HB 410 changes many areas of an existing bill which addresses habitual and chronic truancy. Beginning with school year, 2017-2018 each school district would be required to adopt a new or amended policy to guide employees in addressing and reducing student absences.
The policy must provide a truancy intervention plan, provide counseling, request or require a parent, guardian or custodian to attend a parental meeting as well as attend a truancy prevention medication program and notify the motor vehicle registrar, and take legal action. It does however remove the requirement that a district move a student to an alternant school.
“Western Brown School District is now in total compliance with the policy changes in HB 410,” Superintendent White said. “We were ahead of the game because last year our district had a pilot program at Hamersville Elementary and Mt. Orab Elementary schools regarding truancy. Out teachers implemented some of the recommended procedures from the state and the program was a huge success.
“So by using the states ideas, we see this bill as good for our students and this policy will be good for our district. If our kids aren’t in the classroom, then it’s hard to education them.”
In other actions by the board, the following employments were approved including:
• Assistant varsity coaches
• Becky Watson-district office-2-hour custodian
• Terry Slack-school van driver, 2.5 hours per day
• Rebecca Potts-sub bus driver
• Harold Gray-sub crossing guard
• Sub teachers/aides, Doug Dyer-sub teacher, Heather Jones-sub teacher, MOES Title I-Harold Messer-sub teacher, Lisa Purdin-sub aide, Kimberley Kursim-sub aide, Debbie Goldschmidt-HEMS Title I sub aide
• Trish Hiler-district 504 coordinator
• Cafeteria subs, Veronica Mayes, Tamara Lucas, and Christina Keller
• Michael Midlam high school long-term sub teacher
• Mary Ketchum, MOES Title I sub aide
• Sue Lane-sub custodian
• Amparro Phillips-LEP tutor
Other actions included approval of several trips by the FFA and the wrestling team.